Use cases

  • State of California: marrying strong authentication with user convenience

    The State of California government recognized the need for stronger user authentication, knowing that authentication strength requirements may change over time, and that user convenience and cost of ownership were very important from day one.

  • KBC offers customers adaptive security with SecurIT TrustBuilder and IBM Tivoli Access Manager

    KBC can now offer simultaneous use of different authentication methods for diverse user communities to login to their banking applications.

  • Flemish Government Provides Seamless Access for Citizens

    Combining the new IBM Security Access Management platform with SecurIT TrustBuilder provides citizens and employees with simple, secure and fast digital access to all available Government resources, now and in the future. See also the video from IdM Europe 2016

  • ING: building the New Channel Security Architecture for the Next Decade

    Using IBM’s Access Management solution with SecurIT TrustBuilder allows ING to offer easy re-use of security services for different use cases, to accommodate differ­ent methods over time, and to balance risk/cost while meeting the needs of different user communities.