Policies: an agile approach for Identity & Access Management

Organizations need a way to manage the dynamic nature of the IT environment by adapting instantly and dynamically to ever changing business requirements. Using Policy driven IAM is the only way to control the behavior and offer an easy insight, both from a business perspective and security standpoint. This offers a highly flexible approach that can be adapted easily and quickly to such changing needs.

Challenge or Opportunity?

To truly enable the Digital Enterprise, the IAM system must be light and agile enough to be flexible and competitive to support complex architectural, technical and integration challenges for IT professionals. This level of flexibility is required to cope with the following requirements:

  • Validating a User’s or App’s identity against an increasing number of sources, both internal and external.
  • Augment and map the Identity using data from multiple sources, depending on the use case.
  • Provide dynamic access decisions to local and external Cloud or Partner applications, taking context into account on a transaction basis.

All this should happen without lengthy and costly changes or re-coding. The only real solution to this challenge is a policy-driven decision engine.

Most IAM tools somehow hardcode policies and leave room for variations in used attributes and risk scoring. They do not provide a configurable engine that implements your own policies for combining the security services around authentication, identification, authorization and user self-service The architecture of TrustBuilder IDHub was developed to provide that capability.

No matter how complex your access control policy is, TrustBuilder IDHub will be able to support it without the need for any coding or complex customization. The TrustBuilder IDHub Workflow Editor will allow you to design, simulate and deploy almost any policy using TrustBuilder Workflows.

Business benefits

  • Flexibility: quickly adapt to ever changing needs in a Digital Enterprise
  • Offer users seamless yet controlled access to internal and external applications
  • Optimized TCO: avoid costly development or re-configuration cycles to address new requirements


TrustBuilder is the Number One product offering pervasive local and Cloud Access Management


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