Transaction signing and Authentication technology

TrustBuilder technology partners are companies providing solutions integrated with TrustBuilder Identity Hub, allowing you to quickly benefit from the out-of-the-box functionalities, without having to perform integration on your own.

Below, you can find a list of these technology partners.

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TrustBuilder integrates with the KOBIL OTP Server, using Radius, allowing use of the broad range of Kobil authenticators.


TrustBuilder integrates with Id-me Biometric finger print authentication technology.  It does so seamlessly as the id-me® software is provided as part of the TrustBuilder package. TrustBuilder links the credential with the user’s identity in the repository of choice and adds any required access control information.  The combined solution allows the support of many fingerprint readers available on the market.


TrustBuilder provides support for the Gemalto SA Server.

It supports both authentication and transaction signing.


TrustBuilder integrates with the RSA Authentication Manager, using Radius, allowing use of the broad range of RSA SecurID Authenticators.


TrustBuilder integrates with Sentrycom voice recognition solution.


Toopher is a company changing the way people think about and experience strong multifactor security. It protects an institution’s employees, end-users, and online payments with its patented Invisible Authentication technology. By marrying state-of-the-art, out-of-band security with a decidedly lean and thoughtful user experience, Toopher automates the second factor of authentication via your phone in safe locations, providing the strongest, enterprise-level security available with an invisible user experience–you don’t have to even look at your phone, much less type in a code from it. No more password hacks, no more codes. It's strong, fast, invisible online security.

IBM Security

TrustBuilder provides support for IBM Security Access Manager for Web (formerly IBM Tivoli Access Manager for eBusiness), as it extends its native authentication mechanisms.

SecurIT TrustBuilder also complements IBM Federated Identity Manager (formerly called Tivoli Federated Identity Manager) by providing out-of-the-box the following features:

  • Federated Authentication through integration with IFIM/STS.
  • Risk Based Authentication integration with IFIM/RBA.

IFIM is also part of the ISAM for Cloud and Mobile bundle.
For more information, please access the following resources.

  • IBM Security access manager and two-factor authentication paper;
  • SecurIT TrustBuilder ISAM and Adaptive Access Control paper;
  • IBM and SecurIT co-selling material (requires IBM PartnerWorld credentials).


TrustBuilder provides support for all the Vasco DIGIPASS authenticators; including hardware tokens (DigiPass), software tokens (DigiPass for Web), mobile tokens (DigiPass Mobile) and SMS tokens (Virtual DigiPass).  It supports both authentication and transaction signing, as well as token assignment & activation, reset and unlock.

The Vasco Vacman controller is integrated with the TrustBuilder Digipass connector.  All Vasco software components (including tokens) can be purchased altogether with TrustBuilder.


TrustBuilder provides support for the following PhoneFactor authenticators: mobile tokens (iPhone, Android), virtual tokens (SMS), phone tokens (any phone).

It supports both authentication and transaction signing, as token assignment & activation, and token administration.