TrustBuilder Identity Hub


Smart Bridging of the Identity Cloud

In today's distributed world, applications may be local or hosted by a wide variety of third parties. Managing a User's Identity in such an environment is increasingly delegated to external providers. Organizations need to embrace this evolution, yet maintaining control in-house.


Control the multi-perimeter world

TrustBuilder provides unmatched identity control, with freedom to deploy on premise or in the cloud. Eliminates the boundaries between local and cloud applications

Versatile Authentication

TrustBuilder includes unconstrained support for Authentication and context-related Access. Username/Password, One-Time Password, Certificates, Biometrics, Mobile ...

Solving the complexity gap

TrustBuilder eliminates the burden associated with integration of multiple services. Out-of-the-box integration with services like Google, Facebook, Twitter, …

Empower User Experience

TrustBuilder provides transparency for the user with strong end-to-end security. Access with any device to any application

Bridging a distributed world

TrustBuilder is a powerful Identity Hub, providing brokerage between modern cloud and legacy architectures. Authentication and Authorization decisions are based on Policies and info obtained at Runtime – not Static Access Controls. It is capable of selecting the appropriate IdP based on various parameters, such as:

  • Service provider requirements
  • User and device Information
  • Contextual information and risk analysis

TrustBuilder is a powerful Identity Hub that can be deployed on premise or in the Cloud, always keeping control in-house.

Authentication—save time and money

Quickly adapt to changing needs through its powerful workflow and policy engine:

  • Validate the user's identity local or in the Cloud
  • Fully automated registration process
  • Supports virtually any authentication mechanism
  • Dynamic migration to other authentication mechanisms
  • Out of the box two-factor authentication via mobile



Reduce Risk and Maintenance costs

TrustBuilder is the first product combining attribute based access control with Cloud Identity Management:

  • Seamlessly adapt the system behavior based on Context
  • Balance ease of use and security strength
  • Reduce risks by implementing a Layered Security Model
  • Safeguard investments by using Open standards



“Organizations need a flexible solution that is able to control and orchestrate this distributed and rapidly growing world”

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