TrustBuilder Dashboard

The TrustBuilder dashboard is a partner application to the TrustBuilder core engine, enabling a graphical visualization of how each TrustBuilder workflows are executed.

In the general overview display, each successful and unsuccessful workflows are presented, along with their corresponding timestamp and the roundtrip time it took TrustBuilder to execute the workflow. 

User can drill down any specific individual run of a workflow, to further investigate for instance, in which adapter most of the time is spent, or find more details on why a specific adapter might have failed.

Key Features

  • Graphical visualization of workflows execution status
  • Filtering of historical data around a particular time for easy troubleshooting or auditing
  • Sorted out by transaction type
  • Measurement of time spent in total or in the core/adapters components
  • Ability to drill down in specific workflow run to find failing components
  • Stand-alone optional application ; no impact on TrustBuilder core performance