Versatile authentication and two factor authentication software

TrustBuilder is a Java-EE-based Security Services framework that provides versatile authentication, context-aware access control, transaction validation and mobile token services to identity & access management solutions and/or applications. The core platform includes a powerful workflow based policy engine, that is simply managed using the TrustBuilder admin GUI, and accommodates both traditional web and SOA based environments.

A plug-in architecture assures simultaneous out-of-the box support for virtually any authentication or validation mechanism (e.g. two factor authentication software), including user name and password, one time passwords, digital certificates, smartcards, CAP-EMV, biometrics, etc. Data from any directory or database can dynamically be included in the user’s profile or used for context aware and risk based access control. In addition, digital signing of transactions protect the integrity of business critical data and keeps a non-repudable proof of the transaction’s time and date, with or without application involvement.

Key Features

Enterprise security services platform

  • Versatile authentication
  • Adaptive access control
  • Transaction signing & validation

Out-of-the-box solution

  • Supports many vendors/validation mechanisms
  • Integrates with many user & data repositories

Guarantees flexibility

  • Easily adapt to changing requirements and support migration
  • Configurable workflow to accommodate any use case

Ease of implementation

  • No development
  • Drag-and-drop GUI workflow configuration

Field proven, robust and scalable technology

  • In use for multi-million user communities
  • Adheres to standards whenever possible

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