Security for the Digital Enterprise

March 13, 2016

Digital transformation has begun, and this requires an equally transformational approach to security.

Applications may be local or hosted by a wide variety of third parties. Enterprises rely on a vast network of business partners. People work and shop from anywhere, anytime on any device.

Managing a User's Identity in such an environment is increasingly delegated to external providers.
Organizations need to embrace this evolution, yet maintaining control in-house.

That's where TrustBuilder Identity Hub comes in.

We know that secure access is what propels digital enterprise transformation. At the intersection of mobile, cloud, and the Internet of Things, the only way to truly secure your enterprise is by ensuring that only trusted employees, partners, and customers access the right applications using trusted devices.

  • Authenticate users leveraging mobile devices, passcodes, hard tokens and biometrics, or use an external (cloud) service to validate the Identity.
  • Enable secure single sign-on to any application from anywhere on any device.
  • Authorize access to web, mobile and API resources taking context into account and using attributes from anywhere.

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