How to become a partner

TrustBuilder Corporation strives to work 100% through its Partner Channel. We work closely with our Business and Service Partners to identify new business opportunities, developing additional revenue streams, and ultimately deploy successful projects.

The company has a unique Partner Program, aimed at providing an expert professional answer to our joint customers.

TrustBuilder Partner Program

TrustBuilder Corporation recognizes two kind of partners. The Business Partner and the Service Partner. The Business Partner can play an important role at different levels of the sales process, while the Service Partner is primarily focused on local value-added services to the customer.

Business Partner

Business Partners participate in the sales cycle of TrustBuilder opportunities. The program distinguishes 3 levels of participation: IdentifySell and Fulfillment. A Business Partner can decide if he wants to participate only in one of the three levels or handle a combination of two or three levels for a given project.

In return, TrustBuilder Corporation offers its partners an opportunity to resell and deploy a leading solution in the area of Authentication, Authorization, Adaptive Access Control, Transaction Validation & Signing, Mobile Token Services etc.

Service Partner

A Service Partner is expected to be active in the Identity and Access Management area in the broad sense of the term, and to provide implementation and support service to end-customers in their region.

How to become a TrustBuilder Business- or Service Partner ?

Please fill-in this contact form or send an e-mail to

TrustBuilder Corporation will contact you on short notice and provide a full information package for Partners. Upon execution of the agreement, we will work out a common plan to bring you up to speed to be ready to provide our solutions to your customers!

What are the Business- and Service Partner benefits?

Each different kind of Partner Ship asks for different kind of benefits, but in general our Business- and Service Partners benefits from the following:

  • Ability to resell the TrustBuilder unique, differentiated, high-value solution portfolio.
  • Restricted access to our Partner Site, which includes access to software downloads, license key trials, FAQs, technical support issue information and pre-sales information (data sheets, white papers, Powerpoint presentation, RFQ templates ...)
  • Product training on solution messages, product benefits and value propositions to help identify and close sales opportunities.
  • Onsite and offsite technical training programs.
  • Product pre-release information through e-mailing and webcasts.
  • Access to Trial Software for their own test purpose or for performing proof of concepts for customers.
  • Phone-based and web-based Technical Support, to receive top-notch technical support from staff who can answer questions on installations, configurations. 
  • Potential joint sales/ marketing efforts, including collateral and joint participation in local events on a agreed basis.
  • Excellent pricing conditions.