Enabling the Digital Enterprise transformation

What's important to realize the Vision?

Identity and Access Management has been around for quite some time. However, the scope and requirements to manage identities and control access in the distributed world we're facing are very different.

Bolting-on new features to an outdated concept won't solve the issues thoroughly and will remain a bottleneck to make this Digital Enterprise vision happen at the pace organizations want and need.

A totally different approach is required but all too often it's difficult to see through the marketing messages. In a series of topics around the challenges that one needs to address, we'll try to reveal the real hurdles that need to be taken and how this can be done.

This list will extend over time as we publish new topics through mail and social media. Should you desire to follow this campaign, please let us know via the contact form or become a member on our LinkedIn group.

Topic 1: Smoothly integrate Cloud services

Topic 2: Best practices for context based Authentication

Topic 3: Online client onboarding: "Is it simple, fast and assured?"

Topic 4: The 6 W's of contextual authorization

Topic 5: Easy user onboarding and login from social media !

Topic 6: Identity validation require strong Security Policies and a frictionless user Experience

Topic 7: RBAC is dead; long live ABAC !

Topic 8: The value of Dynamic Identity Assurance

Topic 9: Trusted Enterprise relationships: what are the options?

Topic 10: API Security: where API gateways come short!

Topic 11: Enable SSO in the Digital Enterprise to improve User Experience

Topic 12: The real challenge for transparent yet secure access to internal and external applications

Topic 13: Reduce the risk of having multiple identities & credentials

Topic 14: Policies: an agile approach for Identity & Access Management

Topic 15: Management of internal and external users: same treatment for different symptoms?